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Disaster and Restoration Only


At Property Claims we don’t profess to “manage claims” that’s the insurance company or adjusters job. Our job is to provide Certified Contractors and Claim Specialists, a place to display their profiles, expertise and soon past job photos. Allowing homeowners to peruse our web site of only claims related companies and personnel. It’s the first and only site of its kind, providing consumers a one stop access to service providers, ready at the click of a button.  

Most networks charge a fee to the contractor, like a lead fee for advertising on their behalf. That’s OK because we charge a fee as well, and we and the other guys save time, money and effort for the service professionals. The fees aren’t paid extra by insurance companies, they come out of the job estimate agreed upon. The difference however is our fees in most instances are less than 20% of the average fees for the other networks. It’s because we do it with technology, providing consumers and professionals incentives to work on our platform.