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The Choice Is Yours

At Property Claims we don’t have a fancy algorithm to auto assign jobs to contractors based on zip codes or who got the last job, etc. We also aren’t like some other aggregators that assign multiple contractors to the same job, creating phone marathons for you. No, our technology is the latest, greatest but when it comes time for selection of a contractor we feel that should be your decision. Every company personality is different, right down to the foreman or lead assigned to your job. You need to trust that they are looking out for your best interest in returning your home or business to it’s pre-loss condition.  

That is why we provide profiles, past job ratings (referrals in other words), location of their office, years in business etc. to assist in making a decision. All of our contractors and professionals are qualified for what they do, and actually many belong to the other guys networks as well.  So, if after reading profiles you are still unsure, go with your gut, it is as good as an algorithm any day.