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Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do

We have years of experience in the property claims industry and know it is not easy to deal with unforeseen events and damages to your home. We certify and aggregate service providers onto one site allowing consumers and industry personnel to see and request services quickly.

A small percentage of people will ever have a claim on their home. As a result, most are not familiar with contractors specializing in restoration work, there is no need. However, claim restoration is a unique slice of the construction industry for a reason. Creativity used in repairs, what can and cannot be saved, what affect will the repairs have on the value of your home when completed. We are classified experts in the field and felt drawn to using our knowledge of technology and claims to design a better solution.

We know through industry studies and publications that over 75% of claims today do not go through a contractor network. We also know that in the past, consumers used personal referrals, but those are hard to come by when very few of their friends have ever had a homeowner claim. Search engines have replaced personal referrals and today 82% make decisions based on ratings and comments from others. But using a search engine takes time, returns many companies that need to be reviewed, vetted and contacted to see if they even specialize in claims work. Ratings then can be inconsistent, or non-existent and one needs to drill down on the comments to learn more.

We’ve done the work for you by recruiting contractors and professionals, vetting them, and making them available on a map with the click of a button. We overlay our technology that automatically tracks the process, time frames of response and sends an automatic survey, via text and email, on every job, with one question, “How did we do?” It provides a 4-star rating system as well as a comment box so you direct what you say as opposed to being guided through a long list of meaningless questions.

Did we mention we are new, not young.. but new. As stated above we’ve been in the industry many years but spent the last three creating, designing, and developing our applications. We’ve been testing for 6 months in the state of Arkansas and are now actively recruiting city by city, state by state. We are sorry if we are not present in your locale but will be soon.